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going bananas

April 22, 2008

banana octopus and friendFor a fun way to get some potassium into your kids, make a nutritious undersea creature: The Banana Octopus. 

What you’ll need:   a banana, a dull-ended steak knife (kid-friendly, mother-approved) and two black quilting pins.  That’s it!

Begin by cutting off the stem of the banana.   Then, starting about halfway up, make vertical slits about a half inch apart, all the way to the now stemless end.   Make sure you cut deep enough to get through the skin.   Once you are done with the slits, pull each one upwards and break off the bottom half of the banana.  Eat that half before continuing!   Set the tentacled banana half down on the table and push the two black quilting pins in to create little octopus eyes.   Tada!!!  A fabulous banana octopus.  You didn’t know you could do that, did you?   Aren’t you clever!

Courtesy of David Leathers