everybody eats lunch

Well they do, don’t they?   Kids in Egypt eat lunch, kids in France eat lunch, kids in Mexico eat lunch, businesspeople in Midtown Manhattan drink lunch (smoothies these days)-it’s a vital and social time of our working and playing day to day life.  Chef Cricket Azima of The Creative Kitchen has taken the art of The Lunch to a whole new level with her innovative and terribly cute kid’s book, Everybody Eats Lunch.  Take a whirlwind tour of the world with your child, and eat lunch together with lots of new friends.   Each page features a different country and fun facts about its culture and lunchlore.  The lunchbox-shaped book is interactive, with removable pieces that hide nutritious easy recipes each child can make themselves and take in their own lunchboxes.  They’ll be the envy of the playground, trust me.   It’s pretty hip to make torta when you’re 8 years old!   Pick up this educational tool-slash-toy at www.amazon.com or www.thecreativekitchen.com while it’s still around.  A book this good is gonna get gobbled up fast! 


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