Pizza party!

Pizza party in the Bronx!
Chefs for Humanity and Children’s Museum of Manhattan teamed up for a fun and healthy three days of cooking classes at the Phipps Classic Center in the South Bronx. The kids, ages 8-11, had a ball eating fruits, veggies and healthy salad dressings they made themselves. They performed taste tests, made and mixed salads and eagerly answered the question, “Do You Wrap?” with sushi rolls, lettuce wraps and whole-wheat tortilla wraps with a variety of healthy fillings. The last day of the workshop was a pizza party, starring one of every kid’s fave foods and presented with a flourish by Pizza Master Mark Bello (check out his website at  Chef Mark taught us all how to pat, knead and flip the dough to obtain optimum crust elasticity and crunch, and then created a simple pizza sauce of canned organic tomato sauce, freshly grated garlic, sea salt and a dash of honey to sweeten the deal. With a sprinkle of mozzarella, a dash of parm and a variety of fresh and nutritious toppings, the kids had created tasty things of beauty. Chef Mark slid the pies into the oven with a bona fide pizza paddle, fostering an atmosphere of authentic parlor, and ovens were watched impatiently. After 20 minutes of “is it done yet?” the pies came out and were given the final touch- organic, torn herbs. The pizzas were gobbled in a flash and pleased and proud chins were wiped clean. The three-day workshop was deemed a success by Phipps, CFH and CMOM staff. And the kids? “I’m going to open my own pizza shop!” Crowed one little girl, excitedly. What else is there to say?
for great pics of this event courtesy of The Daily News, go to:






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